Setting Up Your Memory Foam Mattress

Mattress Instructions

(No Tools Requires)

Place the mattress roll at one end of the bed frame.

Cut the second plastic layer(carefully.)

Cut the first plastic layer and unroll onto the frame.

Watch your mattress expand! Goodnight!

Foundation Instructions

(No Tools Requires)

For Customer Service -Call:

Please begin by carefully removing all the components from the carton.

  • (2) Side Rails (both side rails are identical and may be used on either side of the foundation).
  • (2) End Rails (both end rails are identical and may be used on either side of the foundation)
  • (1) Center Support Rail (unless King/Cal King 2 each).
  • (4) Fast Loc Pins (all 4 pins shipped installed in side/end rails)
  • (2) Support Slat Packs.
  • (1) Instruction Sheet with FAQ’s

White “Up Arrow” will indicate proper position of Components for assembly.

Align Fast Loc Blocks in each of the four corners.

Line up each end of the Center Rail with the corresponding “Tapered Slide Connector” and firmly push down into place, making sure the “Up Arrow” faces upward.

Congratulations, as you are now ready.

Insert Fast Loc Pins into each of the 4 Fast Loc Blocks, pushing firmly to ensure proper alignment.

Start one end of each Support Slat Pack against the head/foot board with the hood side facing down to firmly catch the loop material on each side rail cleat. Unroll the Slat Packs towards the center, fully extending them.

*Metal frame not included


Q: I opened the package, but can't find my 4 Fast-Loc pins. What should I do?

A: The pins are inserted into the end and side rail Fast-Loc Blocks to hold them in place during shipping.

Q: I've gotten my foundation mostly set up, and have (3) Fast-Loc pins into the corner blocks, but I can't seem to get the last one to go in as easily as the first three. Its seems tight.

A: We designed these units to have a tight fit, so if you have any challenges with getting all (4) pins in on the first attempt there is a solution. If you go back and pull out the last pin that went in with ease, the fourth and final pin should go right into place. You should then be able to go back to pin 3, and it will slide snugly right into place.

Q: The pin will barely fit in the hole, what should I do to mend this?

A: There are arrows attached to each component ensuring all components are orientated in the correct direction (UP); sometimes it is possible that an arrow has fallen off during shipping. The Fast-Loc pins are tapered and will only go into the Fast-Loc Block one way, from the top down, If your Fast-Loc pin won’t go in, turn the component over and this should now work.