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Sleep by Haven Mattress

Seam Craft, Inc. the manufacturer of the Sleep by Haven Mattress is a family owned company located in the furniture capitol of the world, High Point, North Carolina. President Greg Parlier in cooperation with mattress industry veteran, Hamp Culler developed the Sleep by Haven Mattress and Furniture by Haven ready-to-assemble furniture.

The Sleep by Haven Mattress came about when Parlier and Culler reviewed the “ship by box” mattresses currently available and became convinced that their years of experience in manufacturing would enable them to develop a better quality mattress and deliver it direct to the public at a huge savings. After testing many designs and variations, the pair realized that with the Sleep by Haven Mattress, they had developed something vastly superior to any other mattress in the marketplace.

Sleep by Haven Factory
Culler, who spent many years in the mattress industry, noted that no matter how many different styles and levels of firmness that a manufacturer offered consumers, there was always one mattress that outsold everything else. When he first tested the final design for the Sleep by Haven Mattress, he knew that they had achieved that “just right” firmness.

The Sleep by Haven mattress ships via FedEx in a box within a matter of days. It comes with a 100 day risk free guarantee and a ten-year warranty. Despite the “no questions asked” guarantee, no customer has returned a Sleep by Haven Mattress.

Seam Craft, Inc.

Giles Parlier founded Seam Craft, in 1971. The initial focus of the business was to provide integral parts to the furniture industry. Ever since the early founding of the company, Seam Craft has been a key supplier to many manufacturers of high quality upholstered furniture.

A few years ago, Seam Craft, Inc. developed a line of ready-to-assemble upholstered furniture that has been marketed by various retailers. In 2015, after 44 years of upholstery experience, the
principals at Seam Craft, Inc. decided to develop their own line of high-quality, ready-to-assemble
upholstered furniture, Furniture by Haven. There are 5 styles in the furniture and each style has sofas, chairs and ottomans in a variety of colors and fabrics. Because the furniture ships in easily handled boxes the furniture is ideally suited for an apartment, condominium, loft and urban
dwelling community.

Greg Parlier – The Making of an Innovator

about-haven-greg-3Greg started working in the Furniture industry in 1984 for Seam Craft Inc. Giles Parlier, founder of Seam Craft wanted his son, Greg to learn every job in the factory involved in the manufacturing process; so Greg started out as a fabric cutter. His duties included rolling out fabric to be cut into upholstery pieces, maximizing fabric yield, and matching stripes and plaids, and ultimately learning how to make patterns to produce any type of upholstery.

Over the next 8 to 10 years Greg worked in the woodworking department building furniture frames,
in the upholstery department building upholstered furniture, in the sewing department operating and managing the sewing process, and eventually was promoted to plant manager, responsible for the entire manufacturing facility.

In 1995 Seam Craft, Inc. opened a foam and fiber plant supplying padding materials to the upholstery facility, as well as other upholstery and bedding manufacturers. With this endeavor, Greg became very knowledgeable of all types of padding products, including different grades of premium foam, polyesters, feathers and down, and other filling materials.

In 1998, Greg became the president and CEO of Seam Craft Inc. Over the past 19 years, he has managed all operations of the company. From manufacturing, purchasing, sales, customer service and maintaining a viable business involved with supplying upholstery and bedding products to manufacturers.

Greg has a knack for mechanical design and has created a unique locking mechanism that allows the furniture to fit together with very little effort and yet forms an incredibly strong joint. This patent-pending innovation means that the furniture can be assembled easily and quickly.

In the last few years Greg has worked with retired bedding industry executive Hamp Culler to develop and bring to market the Sleep by Haven Mattress, foundation and pillow along with upholstered furniture. The Sleep by Haven Mattress and furniture are all sold directly to the public and shipped in boxes via FedEx.

“Our hope by providing these premium products to you online is to pass on the tremendous savings buying directly from us can bring.” said Greg Parlier, owner of the company.

Hamp Culler – The Singing Mattress Salesman

Hamp Culler of HavenAfter graduating from Wofford College in 1966, Hamp moved to Charleston, South Carolina and started his career teaching and coaching football and basketball.

In 1969, Hamp began selling mattresses and furniture for Southern Cross Industries. After 4 years, he was promoted to sales manager and moved to the home office in Atlanta, Georgia.

Southern Cross was later sold and merged with Englander Bedding Company. Hamp was named sales manager of both entities. In 1983, Hamp was hired by Serta Mattress Company of the Carolinas, Georgia and the Midwest to become the Merchandise Manager covering eight states. Hamp was appointed to the Serta National Marketing Committee in 1984 and served on that committee for many years being involved with the specification of all Serta products along with merchandising and advertising.

In total, Hamp spent over 32 years in the mattress manufacturing business with 19 of those years with Serta. Besides being the Merchandise Manager, he also served as Sales Manager, Vice President of Sales, Executive Vice President and in 2001, Hamp was promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer. Serta was sold in 2001 and in July of 2002, Hamp retired.

Since retiring, he has been involved in various consulting roles in the bedding industry. Over the past
year, Hamp has been working with his long time friend, Greg Parlier, owner of Seam Craft Inc. to develop and market the Sleep by Haven Mattress and the ready to assemble furniture.

Hamp has been married to wife Lula for 24 years and has been an active member of the Greek Orthodox Church in Greensboro, North Carolina.